Dani Klein Modisett and her merry band of comedy care providers are trained and ready to provide Laughter On Call. Here are a few of the comedians on our team.


Jeneta is an actor, comedian, writer, and producer. In the myriad of ways she expresses herself, she is funny, talented and driven. While she continues to perform all around LA, she also loves giving back to others. She has always wanted to find a way to combine comedy and humanitarian work. Working for Laughter On Call does exactly this. She couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this company and expand her mind and heart.



When he turned 65 and was eligible for Social Security Marty discovered being old was a drag and he vowed to warn others. At 66 he started his standup comedy career and has been performing all over Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles since.”When I first worked with Dani of Laughter On Call I knew Dani was on to something. I love Laughter On Call because Dani, Jeneta and all the performers care about their mission of laughter for all!”



Throughout her career, comedian Stephanie Blum has brought audiences into hysterics with her take-no-prisoners approach to stand up.  As a mother of three and former school psychologist, this street smart Brooklyn native has a strong opinion on just about everything, especially parenting, marriage and her most guilty pleasure, pop-culture. “I got a call from Dani one day and she was describing the organization. It sounded like such an amazing opportunity to use my skill of creating laughter and my background of psychology, an opportunity to touch a person’s life in a positive way. If my mother or father had Alzheimer’s, it would mean the world to me to know there were people supporting me and attempting to make my parents’ quality of life better.”



A seasoned clean comedian with a long track record of happy clients.  Quality counts!  Experience too. Shows of all kinds. Steve was launched when he won The Big Laff-Off on SHOWTIME! One of the rare comedians that appeared on The Tonight Show with both Johnny Carson & Jay Leno – Jimmy Fallon coming soon. Also appeared on David Letterman, HBO, COMEDY CENTRAL and many many more. Fun Clip



Stefanie earned her BFA in theater from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and studied sketch comedy at UCB.  She loves making people laugh – although it isn’t always intentional (like the time when she legitimately slipped on a banana peel).



Shelagh Ratner lived abroad in six countries by the time she turned eighteen, this informed her love of improvisation and observation and she consequently chose to be a writer and performer. She spent many years in New York and now lives in LA, performing regularly at clubs and small venues; she has appeared on Last Comic Standing, Stand Up And Deliver and Stand Up In Stilettos. Laughter On Call is a delightful way to connect with the older community, laughter keeps us young.



Lauren White is a voice actor, performer, improvisor and comic from Los Angeles. She has been practicing and teaching Spolin’s improv for six years and helmed her own improv group, a node of the Women’s Center for Creative Work, GiRL CRUSH, for five. She has performs as a comic, storyteller and drag persona with the acclaimed literary performance series SORORITY at the Lyric Hyperion and The Hammer Museum and at venues such as Zebulon, The Fountain Theater, PAM Residencies and Dynasty Typerwriter. You can hear her voice in the forth-coming anime, High Guardian Spice or any of the LEGO films. 



Michael Piper-Younie is a hyphenate’s hyphenate. An actor-writer-director-producer, originally from San Diego, has recently moved back to LA from New York City. You can currently see his move ‘I’d Like To Be Alone Now’ on iTunes and Amazon. He’s so happy to be back in his native land and very excited to be a part of Laughter On Call family. Helping those afflicted by Alzheimer’s and Dementia through laughter and companionship brings a lot of joy to his heart!



Karen Roberts began her performing career in music as the lead singer of the Victory Records signed ska-punk band, Chase Long Beach. From there she started pursuing acting and comedy work. She trained at UCB, Second City. She is a member of the improv and sketch groups Pinup Squirrels and A Fistful of Improv. She also sings in the all girl pop punk band Unicorn Injection and the *69: A Call Back to the 90s. Karen has personal experience with dementia and Alzheimer’s, as both of her grandmothers struggled with it. She has big talent and an even bigger heart that she loves to share with those who need it.



Angela has been a professional actress/comedian for 20 years. She has a an 8yr old pup named Louise who has taken over her studio apartment. Angela is excited to join the Laughter on Call family. She believes laughter is truly the best medicine to a happy soul.


List of additional comedians available upon request.


Jackie Monahan is a comedian and writer. She has been working for Laughter On Call a little less than a year. I was lucky enough to catch up with her between her time with Carmen, who she makes laugh between 10-12 hours a week, and the rest of her jam-packed writer/performer schedule.