Dani Klein Modisett and her merry band of comedy care providers are trained and ready to provide Laughter On Call. Here are a few of the comedians on our team.


Using laughter as a connecting point has always been Sue’s joy and the secret to her work. Ever since her first job, she knew her life’s passion would be working with the elderly. Since then, she’s worked professionally as an actress in television, film and theater, and directly with organizations including United Cerebral Palsy. Sue is also an award-winning photographer and director. Her hobbies include road trips and a classy lunch with good friends.



Jackie is a comedian, actor, writer, and producer who is setting the comedy stages from LA to New York on fire with her fearless brand of humor. She toured with Amy Schumer, including a monthly show in Vegas. Jackie won Time Out New York’s Joke of the Year and was voted comic to watch by Esquire magazine. Jackie’s dynamic presence brings an unapologetic fearlessness to every performance, and a spontaneous combustion that will give you an ab workout and make you want to dance in the aisles. Jackie’s favorite person was and always will be her grandmother. Jackie is excited to be a part of Laughter On Call because she cherishes time spent with people who remind her of her most favorite relative. She loves bringing joy and laughter to everyone she comes in contact with.



Karen Roberts began her performing career in music as the lead singer of the Victory Records signed ska-punk band, Chase Long Beach. From there she started pursuing acting and comedy work. She trained at UCB, Second City. She is a member of the improv and sketch groups Pinup Squirrels and A Fistful of Improv. She also sings in the all girl pop punk band Unicorn Injection and the *69: A Call Back to the 90s. Karen has personal experience with dementia and Alzheimer’s, as both of her grandmothers struggled with it. She has big talent and an even bigger heart that she loves to share with those who need it.


List of additional comedians available upon request.


Jackie Monahan is a comedian and writer. She has been working for Laughter On Call a little less than a year. I was lucky enough to catch up with her between her time with Carmen, who she makes laugh between 10-12 hours a week, and the rest of her jam-packed writer/performer schedule.