Laughter On Call is ready with their unique COMEDY CARE & WORKSHOPS to create CONNECTION through SHARED LAUGHTER on ZOOM!

Dani and her merry band of comedians have been making the toughest audience laugh – people with Alzheimer’s and their families –for two years. If there’s one thing we are expert at it’s how to create laughter and connection under stress. The Laughter On Call workshops, whether you choose our half hour RECESS program, or our more comprehensive training workshops, with their unique blend of Improv games, Stand up tools that encourage telling the truth, and our specific physical and vocal exercises, our curriculum creates a sense of belonging, fosters creativity and will keep your people connected and inspired. We will customize a plan for your business that nurtures laughter and connection because a team that laughs together achieves together, even on ZOOM.

“humor is the most natural and cost-free method of reducing stress, anxiety and tension while also improving an individual’s physical and mental health as well as enhancing a positive world view.”

As published in Forbes Magazine (5/15/2020)


We talk a lot about creating courage to face life’s toughest moments, one laugh at a time. For a few years now we’ve been able to bring our talent and skills to the hardest audience we know – those with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers. In a post-COVID 19 world, most of us need more courage than ever. Never has the gift of a change of perspective, comic relief and the connection that shared laughter delivers felt more valuable.

Laughter On Call is locked and loaded to help you. With programs ranging from our already popular Lunchtime Laughter, to laughter training for your business teams, healthcare staff and families, we know just how to guide you through exercises, games and storytelling where the only goal is laughing out loud, where there are no wrong answers, only connection to each other and heartwarming relief.



Informed by our personalized Friend and Family Feedback Form we provide, you tell us about your mother, father, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, friend, resident or patient. Then we find the right comedy companion, give them these specifics, and they show up in person or via ZOOM ready and able to engage your loved one, sharing time, attention and laughter!


One‐On‐One Comedy Care: We bring a comedian directly to your loved one, either in person or virtually for customized cognitive engagement and of course, laughter. We recommend booking four visits for the full benefit of the relationship between the comedian and your loved one.

Roaming Comedians: Not a show, but comedians who come to your community  (in person or virtually) for one-on-one engagement with your residents. Laughter On Call will collaborate with you to book the number of comedians on a schedule just right for your community.


Comedy Care Plan for your Family: A customized plan including 8 Step Family Laughter Training, Private Coaching with Founder/CEO, and one-on-one Comedy Care for your loved one with an LOC comedian.



More than ever we know how hard it can be to create connection with the people you care about and depend on. Dani and her team take on this challenge with a memorable 8 step acronym outlining simple comedian’s tools for caregivers, healthcare staff and families to help create connection through shared laughter. We provide training workshops – both in person and online – for leadership and staff at senior community centers or healthcare facilities, as well as family members struggling to navigate their ever-changing relationships with those affected by Alzheimer’s. These steps have now also been adapted for team building, sales, and to help create a positive, connected, corporate culture, even if your team is home.



We send two comedians to your home – either in person or virtually – to create an interactive and engaging hour of joy and laughter. We always start with breathing, physical and vocal warm ups to get the blood flowing and our minds energized. All cognitive levels are encouraged to participate in creating stories together from their suggestions. With this input, tthe comedians create highly entertaining characters and plot twists to keep everyone surprised, engaged and laughing. No sleeping! (Virtual sessions require a caregiver present)


It’s never too late to learn to be funny. In these two distinct classes, seniors get to exercise their brains and enjoy the chance to create laughter themselves. These classes are specifically designed to engage seniors, using tried and true exercises to help your residents check “perform stand up comedy!” and/or “do Improv” off their bucket list. These one hour sessions serve the dual function of keeping minds flexible and spirits lightened!


In adherence with the CDC, Laughter On Call can get back to basics and put together a live comedy show for you. Tell us who, where and when, and we’ll customize entertainment that’s exactly right for your event. From keynote presentations at a professional conference, to Improv performed by a group of our comedians, laughter is just a call away.

“Laughter On Call’s approach is so accessible and brings caregivers and loved ones living with Alzheimer’s together in a way that we need more of, especially now.  They give us simple reminders like breathing, along with new tools like improv to help create such an important connection and shared experience of laughter.”

Lauren Miller Rogen, Founder
Hilarity for Charity


How do I help a friend whose parent has Alzheimer’s?

You can give the gift of laughter. Even if you are not directly caring for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s, chances are you know someone who is. Show your love and support by giving a Laughter On Call gift certificate. Your contribution can help a friend provide comedy care to a loved one, bringing smiles and relief to all involved. Contact us today to learn how to give the Gift of Laughter.