Laughter On Call customizes our services for each client, offering comedy care at various price points. Let us customize a quote for you today.

1-on-1 Comedy Care Companion


Informed by our personalized Family Feedback Form, we bring a comedian directly to your loved one, for as many hours a week as desired, for customized cognitive engagement and of course, laughter. We recommend booking four visits for the full benefit of the relationship between the comedian and your loved one.


Introductory packages start at $150 an hour for a one-on-one; including consultation & 1st session.

$125/hour for following sessions.

Package of 4 for $100 each.

Interactive Storytelling


Two Laughter On Call comedians come to your home, community or celebration to create an interactive and engaging hour of joy and laughter. This is Mad-libs meets Second City! 

We send two comedians so that everyone is engaged at all times! No sleeping!


Introductory packages start at $200 for an hour.

Laughter Training Workshops


Using specific comedy tools formulated in to a memorable acronym, Dani and her team teach an 8 step, accessible and effective curriculum for healthcare staff and families to help them create shared laughter and connection with their communities and loved ones.

-Leadership Training

-Staff Training

-Family Support Workshop

-Keynote speeches focused on the use of shared laughter to create connection and mitigate isolation and people with dementia and their families/caregivers


Introductory packages start at $500 for a one-hour workshop for 10 or fewer and build from there to include multiple workshops, corporate training and family events.

Comedy Classes for Seniors 


Using the curriculum honed at UCLA, Dani and her team bring a specialized curriculum customized for your memory care or assisted living community to help people check “perform Stand Up” off their bucket list. We also teach improv workshops to keep the mind flexible and most importantly have fun!


Introductory packages start at $200 for an hour.

Stand Up Comedy Show (Special Events)


We provide a customized line-up with appropriate material for your audience for:

-Stand-Up set to a senior audience

-Marketing/Networking events

-Holiday/Party events


Price varies depending on the length of time and number of comedians.


How do I help a friend whose parent has Alzheimer’s?

You can give the Gift of Laughter. Even if you are not directly caring for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s, chances are you know someone who is. Show your love and support by giving a Laughter On Call Gift Certificate. Your contribution can help a friend provide comedy care to a loved one, bringing smiles and relief to all involved.


It lowers stress-related hormones, brings more oxygen to your lungs, exercises facial muscles and even burns calories. A growing body of research confirms the impact of comedy care for seniors with dementia. We see it in our interactions with our clients. And we have science to back it up. Learn more about Why Laughter Works.