“Laughter On Call’s approach is so accessible and brings caregivers and loved ones living with Alzheimer’s together in a way that we need more of, especially now.  They give us simple reminders like breathing, along with new tools like improv to help create such an important connection and shared experience of laughter.”

Lauren Miller Rogan
Founder, Hilarity for Charity

At Inspir, laughter is one of the core elements we infuse into our resident’s day to day lives. Often you see comedians brought in to senior living communities to entertain residents, but Dani and her team do more than entertain. With the help of Laughter on Call we are elevating the role comedy has in senior living and helping our residents to discover their hidden comedic talents. We had a great first workshop with them, and are in the process of creating another two part series.  Our participants feedback was consistent, “We want more.”  The positive effect of the class lasted for hours after the class ended.  We were so impressed by Laughter on Call and their ability to use comedy as a way to connect and engage with those with dementia, we have signed up to have them train our staff.”

Molly Fisher, LCSW
Director of Program Innovation and Education, Inspīr|Carnegie Hill

“Vulnerability and authenticity are vital to being a great leader, what better way is there to share this than with humor. Dani’s work with our associates has proven to be valuable in building those teams who not only provide care but care about our residents who are living with dementia. In addition, it has been transformational for the associates to see not only how our residents respond to the work of Laughter On Call but its lasting effect.”

Kathy Greene, MSW, Senior Vice President,
Program and Services Integration, Silverado Senior Communities
Hired Laughter On Call to provide a Laughter Workshop staff training and Senior Comedy Care for residents

“Wanted to share with you the joy and happiness my 90-year-old mother felt while listening to Allan sing, play piano and tell jokes in her home a few weeks ago. I had read the article in AARP about Laughter on Call and thought it was a great way to bring a smile to my mom’s face – which I hadn’t seen in quite a while. Allan was kind and personable and interacted directly with Mom. I could see her hand moving to the music and smiling when she recognized the tunes he was playing. At one point, Mom said ‘That was wonderful! Now you can go!’ It was priceless!!!!”

Jeri Landon, CA
Hired Laughter On Call to provide one-on-one Senior Comedy Care

“When I had to go out of town for an extended period of time, Laughter On Call came to my rescue! They provided a trustworthy companion to spend one on one time with my mom, someone who brightens her day and takes good care of her. Also, Dani works hard to accommodate your loved ones needs and schedule.”

Christina Chang, CA
Hired Laughter On Call for one-on-one Senior Comedy Care

“Funny, funny and funny. Dani Klein Modisett is a comedian with heart. Dani brought her unique “Laughter on Call” techniques and program to our assisted living community. Not only does she provide joy for our residents with memory loss, but she also shared her laughter program with our management team and employees. Dani ran workshops that helped us to experience and learn how we can use the power of laughter in our work. The techniques that she shared have assisted our staff to consciously use humor to alleviate stress and to support our interactions with residents and their families. I hope that you get an opportunity to laugh and work with Dani.”

Patricia Murphy
Former Executive Director, Belmont Village – Hollywood

“We had the privilege of having Dani at a workshop for both our team and our families. It’s usually pulling teeth to get most excited and to even attend a workshop, but our team and families raved about their experience and were so happy that they attended Dani’s workshop. There is definitely something to the saying that Laughter is the Best Medicine!”

Dan Harrah
Executive Director – Memory Care Community, Scottsdale, AZ

“Almost twenty 6th graders joined in our Improv class with Sue and Dani from Laughter on Call and the children, residents and associates had a blast! The children had great sense of humor and really got into the improv mode! Both students and residents built a story worth remembering filled with rollercoaster rides and much more!”

A senior care coordinator who hired Laughter on Call for Interactive Storytelling